Legends of Lasperia, Shortened Texts Originally Written by Historians 

     Lasperianna Legend: a substantial world of burgeoning existence. A world in which, for many giga-annum, Her tenants have asked of Her origin.

           Long ago, a celestial titan made of the stars themselves, breathed immeasurable creation upon a select spherical planet in the galaxy of Golga Illuma. Life had not sprung into maturation instantaneously, but the titan merely watered the seeds of life buried deep within the planet. Weeks it took for the seeds to open themselves to the titan's breath. Years, with much attention and labor after, the planet was able to sustain that life without the aid of the titan any longer. That celestial deity, whose labor bore fruit, is Lasperianna De Tenegolga. In honor of her dedicated service, the ground we walk upon will forevermore be named The World of Lasperia.


           With the prying for knowledge of Lasperianna's place in our fine history, other far more frightening beings have come into fruition. Titans live amongst men, and their presence alone is a monumental threat to the very existence of Lasperians. Aulturon, a titan with the power to wield destructive infernal flames, even upon his very breath. Sulfora, a titan wielding raging, icy tempests at her fingertips. Nevirti, a titan of deception - the Lady of Lies. Adali, a peaceful titan blessed with the power of a light we call Etherea. Rathion, whose heart so black as night does not beat. A titan who wields hellish magic that we call Rathea, or in plain terms: a plague. Gaios, the Leviathan who dwells in the deepest regions of the seas, controls the very ecosystem under the water. Though, the creature may also survive on land. There are more unknown titans scattered and hiding across Lasperia.

Refer to Natayla Flaugg's Book of Lasperian Titans for more.


       Terron cursed Lasperians after thousands of years. The titans had grown to resent one another. They began to use their colossal strength to battle each other atop the very homes of Lasperians. They left tremendous destruction in their wake. The very planet rages beneath them, bringing powerful storms and erupting dormant volcanoes. Adali and Sulfora, even in their beast-like brawls with other titans, display a kindness toward mortals. Despite all the damage they do to each other, the titans are very resilient. They recover where mortals do not. Their wounds heal and Lasperians' homes still lie broken, while they stand too afraid to fix them, might the titans soon destroy them again. If titans cannot even destroy each other, then what chance do mere mortals have against their destructive rage?


             Where Lasperians once feared all the mighty titans, one has proven more powerful beyond measure, even compared to the others. Rathion. His previous power tore a rift to another dimension. One that could only seep death and decay - the very thing he uses to fuel his strength. He draws from this Black Realm through his precious rift, and not only has it gained him power, but it has given entry to creatures that should not exist. Their very skin oozes a plague that can sicken a mortal instantly, were they to touch these creatures. A sickness Lasperians have never seen before, and one that kills after but a few weeks. More terror and more death that the Black Titan can feed from.
    Where we once feared all the mighty titans... we now merely fear Rathion, our demise closing in.

Millenium 491. Rathion's destruction brought chaos among the world of Lasperia. Not many mortals existed during this time. Many were reported sick with the fatal Black Stigma. During this Mil, Sulfora met her demise by the hands of Rathion. Adali being the only titan left who would fight for Lasperians. The odds of mortal survival were minimal. Even if Adali survives the titans' wrath, it was unlikely any mortals shall. "Our creator has truly cursed us, she has."

1610 Mil, and the Black Titan was finally banished. Mortals prayed on their knees to the skies that opened up before them so beautifully once again. Lasperianna, Lasperians presume, had used the remainder of her energy to banish the hellish titan to the Black Realm he drew power from, and any remaining creatures he brought into the world. The channeling of such energy in such a short moment had shattered space and time, it seems. Despite desiring to aid her creations, Lasperianna's desperate decision only made possible more rifts from the Black Realm. This can only mean Rathion can still tear rifts to the Black Realm, but there was still a peace during this Mil that they could not deny. Now, Lasperianna sleeps for thousands of years to regain her strength.
                                                                       "Sleep well, our Lady."

2146 Mil. Many of the hostile titans have perished. Their battles over a million years had finally come to an end. Lasperians flourish. Mortals now have a chance to live in peace. We have seen Lasperianna breathe new life onto our beloved planet. New creatures to study and share the world with, while our euphoric Adali peacefully rests in her grove. There have been hundreds of rifts distorting our planet since the last text record. When Rathion sleeps long enough, he restores his energies. It never seems to be enough for his own entry, which we can only be thankful of. However, as long as the rifts remain, he sends his creatures through, whether an original tenant of the Black Realm, or a new creation of similar structure created by him. And to fuel the flame, some Lasperians have been known to devote their lives and worship to Rathion. They merely drink his "blood" and gain this demonic strength and thus only influencing others to do the same. These powerful beings are considered to be only a myth. Lasperianna was not strong enough to defeat Rathion, only delay the day he returned to Lasperia.

3945 Mil, Rathion was somehow able to poison our beloved Adali with his foul plague. The corruption spread and only injured her further as she attempted to cleanse it. Her Etherea was able to cleanse her grove of Rathion's wickedness, and rid it of the creatures that spawned from the blackness, but not from her own physical form. The Black Stigma spread, and as she began to fade, she requested the presence of mortals. Mortals, after millions of years, had never had the chance to lay eyes on the only titan that still cared for the safety of man. The titan that fought so definite, so true for the survival of mortals was dying, so how could mortals possibly deny such a gift?
Tens of thousands of mortals came to see the colossal light form bid her farewells. But while Lasperians thought it a time of mourning, it was but another gift to us. As Adali breathed her last breath, she burst into a a warm eruption of Etherea. Bits and pieces of her own self shot across the sky before everything had fallen silent. It is said that then, she had just gifted thousands of newborn souls with her pure essence. Her essence fragments each found a Lasperian yet to be born, and bestowed upon them the heavenly magics of Etherea. That which can easily be used to destroy, yet that can bring life all the same. The same Etherea Adali breathed onto fatal wounds and healed them. The same Etherea she used to shield mortals from destructive titanic attacks. Unfortunately, this is all but a myth.
We have never seen Titanborn - or Ethereals - with our own eyes, rather outrageous stories of their powers and their existence. All we truly know is that Adali burst into a warm golden light that soothed tens of thousands of souls in unison before she disappeared. The time of titans is not over. There are still plenty that live among us, who sleep for centuries at a time, but who still baffle new eyes.

"Life goes on."


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