Natayla Flaugg's
Book of Lasperian Titans

     Lasperian Titans: As you may already know, Lasperians already have pretty rich knowledge of our world's titans. Some that have come and gone long ago, and some that still live. I, Natayla Flaugg, would like to introduce you to every Lasperian titan ever recorded. Considering this is a short book, you can take this handy-dandy guide along with you on your journeys. And hey, you may find some useful information in this book!

          Let's start with the most popular titan of all: Lasperianna. Her full name is Lasperianna De Tenegolga. This titan, however, is different from the rest. No one in history has ever claimed to lay eyes upon Lasperianna before. 'Teneg' is a religion, where Lasperianna is their prime deity. Tenegs have been claiming Lasperianna as the creator of life on the planet for millions of years. Yet no one has seen or spoken to Lasperianna.
According to ancient texts, she's a harmless titan. One without the ability to fight. Her appearance has been affirmed over time to be that of the stars themselves. A celestial being whose form is made of only stars and nebulae.
It is said that Lasperianna has the ability to 'water the seeds of life', hence how she became so famous for being the titan that created life on the planet. Rathion was banished long ago, and it was believed to have been Lasperianna for many years. In far more recent years, this was proclaimed false. Not much else is known about this titan. Very popular, but certainly the most mysterious!

          Let us ease into the titans with proof of existence: Rathion. I'd like to begin by saying most titans have been named by Lasperians simply because those titans cannot speak. Others named themselves. We only know of the surname 'De Tenegolga' because of Rathion and Adali - who we will speak of further down the line. Rathion De Tenegolga is known as many things: The Dark Titan, The Black Titan, King of the Black Realm - lots of eerie titles referencing his dark realm and dark nature.
Rathion's appearance has been one that millions of people throughout history have claimed to see. The only details that match up seem to equate that Rathion is just a dark mass. See, Rathion doesn't seem to have a set form. He's a shape-shifter, if you will. Though, he commonly appears as a twin to the titan Adali (see further down). Only instead of a warm, vibrant gold, he appears as a cold, blackened version of Adali, with red hints here and there. Whether it actually is his regular form, or just a way to mock that titan, we don't actually know.
Besides appearing as an equal to Adali, he can shift into the appearance of mortals. His shape-shifting capabilities aren't perfect, so every account recorded of Rathion attempting to appear as a person seem to be quite off.
Four black and red wings adorn Rathion's back, and a mess of matching feathers decorate his head, despite what form he attempts to take. This person, that person, or even a titan, those details remain the same.
Though it may seem like he tries - and fails - to fool people by attempting to look like us, that's not the case. Rathion tries so hard to appear as a mortal to torment others. This is why he's the most notorious titan. He's incredibly powerful. His normal size is, obviously, titanic, like the rest of the titans. In ancient texts, he's been known to obliterate an entire town in just a few minutes. Not to mention, his poisonous magic - Rathea - can do twice the damage if he decides to just take a nap. And yet, he chooses to torment individual people instead of commit this mass destruction. He has appeared as dead loved ones to attempt to drive living relatives crazy.
Despite being a titan, he's a lot like a person. He seems to have his own personality. Whether it's real, or another attempt to seem like mortals, that's another thing we don't know.
Now, most of this information is just hearsay, but it is interesting nonetheless and deserves a place in the book. One day, Rathion was suddenly imprisoned somewhere no man can see or can even tread upon. It was a void realm, of seemingly nothing. Until these creatures bearing a similar plague to his own began to emerge from from mysterious black rifts that appeared all over Lasperia. Ever since Rathion was banished, these small rifts connecting wherever he dwells to our land tend to appear and release these awful creations we call "Shadows." Steer clear of those if you happen to stumble upon a black portal resembling a Townport.
Rathion is known for creating creatures - somehow - that carry his grotesque plague.
His Rathea is a plague unlike any other. It's a physical manifestation under the skin - a black liquid previously in the form of a gas-like mist. Breathe that stuff in, and it's likely game over.
This liquid is one that branches out and grows inside the body, infecting organs and slowly killing them. One way to find out if you're infected is to look for this manifestation. On the surface of the skin, it appears as black branches veining out from the origin of infection, which that will look like a giant bruise, only glowing an ominous red in the middle.
Symptoms of this plague include excessive sweating, vomiting, internal bleeding, slow suffocation, and many more quite disturbing details I'd rather leave out of my book. Long story short about avoiding Rathea: just try and keep away from the Shadows.
Quick enough medical treatment can increase your chances of surviving through the sickness.

If any 'true scary stories' can creep you out, it's definitely Rathion. I get to joke about him, he's stuck in the Black Realm.

           Now that we've gotten past the eerie part, I'll give you guys a read to ease your spirits. Let's talk about Adali. That's right, the Ethereal Titan. Adali De Tenegolga is the blood sister to Rathion. You heard that right. The opposing forces of light and dark are blood-related. What do I mean by light and dark? Well, lemme tell ya.
Unlike Rathion's deadly plague, Adali had a much different essence. We like to call it Etherea. It's a gold-colored magic that has a wide range of abilities. Adali was able to use it to shield herself from incoming attacks, even Rathion's deadly plague, but could not cure it once infected. Etherea was able to heal those with regular sicknesses or fatal wounds. She never tried to bring back the dead, but I wouldn't be surprised if she had the ability to do so, but she was definitely able to stop fate in it's tracks and either delay it or change it's course entirely. On a number of occasions, people claimed to see Adali using her Etherea as a weapon, as well. Her rays of Etherea were able to take the form of blades, or at least that's what people say. These 'blades' could be used to attack, to ward off Rathion. While Rathion commonly appeared as a mass, Adali's Etherea could still ail him.
Strangely enough, while Rathion was seen fighting any kind of titan, the only titan Adali would bother to battle with was Rathion. Brother-sister battles, huh? The why is completely unknown to us.
Adali was commonly called 'The Golden Mangollos' because she looked like an enormous, ethereal, golden version of the regular forest monster, the Mangollos. The only difference was she was stories taller and had four wings on her back.
She was able to speak, but when she wasn't fighting, she secluded herself so she didn't have to.
A second theory, along with the one mentioned a ways back up, is that Rathion's banishment to the Black Realm was Adali's doing. She did take credit for it, but most radical Tenegs refuse to believe the ethereal titan.
After a long life of battling with Rathion, Adali finally passed away. But to Rathion's doing. His creatures managed to infect her - how is unknown. Any attempt to heal herself with her Etherea only made the infection spread.
Here's the neat legend! It's said that when Adali died and burst into a thousand tiny little rays of Etherea, they found growing Lasperian bodies to merge with (aka, babes in the womb) thus creating the Titanborn. Or, another name: Ethereals. Now this information has such little proof to it that it can only be considered a myth. But how cool would that be! 'Adali's essence lives on in the hearts of a thousand Lasperians.'
That was twenty-seven years ago, now. It is said Adali's soul moved onto the Grove of Adreot, where souls of other fallen Lasperians and titans are said to rest.

          That turned a little depressing. Let's turn it back up a notch with another titan: Aulturon! This titan, unlike Rathion and Adali, could not talk. So, he was named by people. Aulturon De Tenegolga is his name. Whether he is related to Adali and Rathion is completely unknown, though it seems a bit unlikely. But you know people, they can be pretty unoriginal. So, 'De Tenegolga' is the surname given to all other titans. Aulturon had the ability to summon and control fire. This is just the simple way of putting it, but imagine a titan, stories tall, able to create fire out of thin air. It's actually quite a scary thought. Aulturon is said to still be alive, and that Rathion didn't kill him, though he's been sleeping for many years. We haven't seen Aulturon in a long time, so whether this is true or not is unknown. Aulturon was known, many Mil ago, to have started waves of forest fires during his battles with other titans, blackening the skies with smoke. Whether he's dead or just sleeping, I'm actually glad we haven't seen him around in a long time.

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