Extra Lore in the World of Lasperia So Far

- What are the terms Lasperia/Lasperian?
Lasperia is the name of the planet in which the comic takes place. It's mentioned in ancient texts of a time-lost legend that the world was named and shortened to Lasperia after a celestial titan named Lasperianna De Tenegolga, breathed life onto a once-lifeless rock in the universe, many giga-annum past, sprouting an intelligent existence among it, and that existence has only flourished since then.
Lasperian refers to people, subjects, professions, and other valuable information, but only generally speaking. Tyrion is Lasperian, as are all the other people on the planet. Another example: Soldiers and Craftsmiths, in general, are Lasperian, unless a specific Kingdom is named otherwise.

- Who is Lasperianna De Tenegolga?
Lasperianna only appears in many ancient texts, but as a celestial deity, alongside many other titans. Lasperianna is the only titan no one has ever claimed to see in person, but rather in their dreams and 'visions.' While she is widely known, most like any other deity never seen, not all Lasperians believe in her existence. Most who do believe in her, believe she is 'the sky itself.' Others prefer to offer their praise to the more hellish titans. Just as a titan is said to have created Lasperians, it is also said that another titan is to blame for the creation of the accursed Rathlings


- What is a “Rathling?”
A 'Rathling' - also called a 'Plagued' creature - is a disturbing amalgamation of DNA from previously living creatures or people. They originate from Lasperia, but in order to be considered 'Plagued', their body must be taken by 'The Black Realm.'

- What is "The Black Realm?"
The Black Realm is a place Lasperians are very aware of but are entirely unsure how to describe or understand. It is a realm disconnected from Lasperia or what most would refer to as 'the physical realm.' It's a realm of blackness and emptiness. But, at the same time, from the darkness, creatures and things that should not exist are created. These creatures were former animals or people and were twisted into grotesque monsters with an insatiable hunger for life itself. Lasperians will commonly refer to the Black Realm as 'The Nothing' and even 'Rathion's Domain'.

- Who is "Rathion?"

Rathion is also commonly called the Black Titan: the king of The Black Realm. It's said he was banished there by the celestial titan, Lasperianna De Tenegolga, to a separate dimension than that of her creations, as to protect them from his cursed breath. In ancient texts, it is said that Rathion is forever twisting souls and bodies into the abominable and infamous 'Plagued' and attempting to send them to Lasperia as a form of revenge for his eternal damnation.  All those created by him are said to only obey his command, or those who wish to drink his demonic blood, thus gaining his hellish magics. Though none could ever be half as powerful as the Black Titan.

- What is a "Lumaen?"
Lumaen is a race on Lasperia. Anafrey is Lumaen. Lumaen are very common. Their racial, physical characteristics include: no pupils, sparkly or gleaming eyes. Out of all species with pointed ears, Lumaen have the longest. Diamond-shaped birthmark(s), typically located on the head or torso, but of no specific number
These are the most common and obvious characteristics belonging to Lumaen that can help distinguish the race.

- What is an "Alkai?"
Alkai is another race on Lasperia. Alkai are also very common. So far, Tyrion and Rhosyn were disguised as Alkai in the beginning of the comic. Tyrion's mother, Erocasta, was an Alkai as well. Common racial, physical characteristics include: 'fox-like' or slit pupils, furry animal ears located commonly on the sides of the head, but have been found on the top of the head as well. Animal tails that typically match the ears are also an obvious feature. Claws are common, but are not a trait found on every Alkai.

- What is an "Ykku?"
An Ykku is another race, but a far more exotic one. According to recorded offspring and DNA commonalities, Lumaen and Alkai are the easiest to reproduce with the other or with the same race. Purebred Lumaen and Alkai are simply those races whose DNA have no signs of the other. Ykku are spawned wholly by a purebred Alkai and a purebred Lumaen couple. Physical characteristics include: smaller, pointed Lumaen ears, slit pupils, claws or no claws, and a tail that commonly only has a tuft of fur at the end.
Ykku are so rare because most families are not so strict as to keep their bloodline as one race. And with simply being such an exotic race comes those who wish to exploit for personal gain. 

- Some characters are over 500 years old. How long do Lasperians usually live?
Most Lasperians have been known to live up to 1000 years, so it is very common to meet anyone between the ages of 1 and 950 anywhere on Lasperia.

- What is an "Ayukir?"
Ayukir is another race, also incredibly common, but is really just a human in description. Common physical characteristics include: rounded ears, slit or rounded pupils. Rarely are there Ayukir with no pupils; however, it's just a genetic mutation from Ayukir and Lumaen DNA.

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