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Name: Tyrion Leon Van'deal                           Race: Ykku(?)

Height: 6'2"                                                       Age: 27

Hair: Deep brown                                           Eyes: Gold

Notable features: Scar through left eye and brow, second scar over left ear. Dark birthmark under left eye. Disheveled, uneven hair. Tanned skin with freckles over cheeks and shoulders.

Personality: Overly cocky, smug, widely self-confident,  brazen, irrational, fetching, subtle flirt

Brief story: Tyrion is hard-headed and ill fond of following orders. He's brazen - fearless of what his words and actions may cause. His demeanor is cold and heartless, but Anafrey tends to tell a different story - that which has no evidence. Rhosyn has shown that she'd met Tyrion as a child, but he tries to avoid her. What reason could he have to run from proclaimed happy memories?


Name: Rhosyn Nori                            Race: Ykku

Age: 25                                                    Height: 5'

Hair: Brown                                        Eyes: Dark grey with gold flecks

Notable features: Pale, soft complexion, short, wide-hipped, doe-like grey eyes, and long, layered, wavy hair.

Personality: High confidence, sweet, skeptical but accepting, protective, often hesitant, distant.

Brief story: Rhosyn is a sweet individual, and sometimes too much so for her own good.  While she mostly shows her child-like side, she is incredibly confident and intelligent... and also mysterious. Tyrion's scent seems to remind her of his younger, more innocent self. Expecting to follow him and meet her dear friend again, she is met with an unfamiliar, colder face. Even after finding out what changed him and still despising his current personality, she is still determined to follow him. What could be the reason?



Name: Anafrey Lei Thenseriph         Race: Lumaen

Age: 29                                              Height: 5'9"

Hair: Red                                           Eyes: Blue with white flecks

Notable features: No pupils, 'sparkly' eyes, layered, disheveled, short hair, with a small patch of long hair in the back, thin eyebrows, light freckles.

Personality: Sisterly, level-headed, commanding, understanding, feminine, intelligent.

Brief story: Anafrey has studied extensively in the medical field, along with bionics. In her earlier life, she worked as a doctor. Having been friends with Tyrion ever since she treated him in hospital, she's used to his distance and his cold mannerisms. However, that doesn't deter her from treating him like a younger brother and acting as a guiding hand for him.

Name: Lucrecia Sentora              Race: Lumaen(?)

Age: 24                                                Height: 5'4"

Hair: Jet black                                      Eyes: Red

Notable features: Piercing eyes, very few moles spread across her face, thick, arched eyebrows, dark lips.

Personality: Over-confident, intentionally alluring, graceful and elegant in her every move, willful, touchy, short-tempered, cunning.

Brief story: Lucrecia is an openly cold individual. She doesn't care who gets in the way of what she desires. While that is her normal appearance to others, she seems to behave differently toward Tyrion. She couldn't possibly have such a dramatic mood change from any person to Tyrion because of a crush, could she? Or is there something else? Something unseen that she's fond of?


Name: Kayter Brackenworth              Race: Lumaen

Age: 18                                                Height: 4'10"

Hair: Orange                                       Eyes: Brown with white flecks

Notable features: Freckles peppered all over face and shoulders, bright orange hair, long in the front, very short in the back, usually wears hair jewelry.

Personality: Over-confident, bold, cocky and brazen but incredibly shy when confronted.

Brief story: Kayter certainly takes advantage of her fruitful mind. She had a normal education, but her willingness to learn exceeded that of any other her age, so she sought extra knowledge in her spare time. Despite being considered somewhat of a genius, she can be quite oblivious to more symbolic situations rather than technical ones.


Name: Guillemette                              Race: ???

Age: ??                                               Height: 5'11"

Hair: Black with white streaks             Eyes: Orange with red pupils

Notable features: Black lipstick, shiny gold eyeshadow, layered hair, sometimes bob-cut short hair, bright red cyborg eyes

Personality: Confident, bold, feminine, vain, intelligent

Brief story: Appeared momentarily to attack Tyrion, making it clear she has some connection with Lucrecia and admitting it was Lucrecia who "sold Tyrion out." Has since been seen torturing Lucrecia with magic for "failing her mission" and ordering someone named Lovetta to go after Tyrion in her place, claiming to closely follow their mysterious masters orders.


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